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    Ok i have done a migration from ISPConfig3 to new server with fresh install of debian and ISPConfig installed using perfect server howto.

    Problem i have is that none of my namedbased sites are working, nether are some with dedecated IPs.

    So something is very much amiss?

    my new server hosting company runs internal IPs on server which are mapped to external IPs via their system.

    DNS in ISPConfig is done using external IPs

    I can't seem to find where I set the default domain and IP used for namebased domains?

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    There is no such thing as a default domain. All domains in apache and nginx are equal and all vhosts are namebased automatically so nothing that needs to be setup additionally.

    If a domain does not exist in apache or nginx, then the web servers will show the first website on the same IP that they can find. that's the default behaviour and not related to the use of ispconfig.

    If you want to show a specific site in this case, then you just have to ensure that this site is first in alphabet, it does not matter if the domain exists for this.

    Add a new website and enter "0000default.tld" into the domain field so this website will be the first and it will be shown if a request for a non-existing domain shall be handled by apache or nginx.

    As a sidenote: never mix IP address and * in websites as described many times here in the forum, an IP is always a stronger match than a wildcard, so all requests will go to the IP. So either use * or the IP for all sites but don't mix that. This is also a default behaviour of apache and nginx and not related to ispconfig btw.
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    Sorted :)
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