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    I have setup ISPConfig correctly and I can add websites and get them to resolve. I am moving into the category of testing mail and DNS for these sites. I am getting stuck. Here is my question.

    I have a main domain that I am using for technical nameserving I have 2 other domains I wish to host and I have my server hosted at, it is a virtual server. Their nameservers are and I have my domains registered at, I cannot change this as my client likes their services. I can login and change where the nameservers point.

    This is how I currently have things setup. I have pointed to and from the GoDaddy interface. has advanced DNS that I have signed up for $1.00 per domain. This may be frivolous but I purchased to just make sure if I needed it. I suspect that I may need this advanced DNS from in order to atleast configure my mast domain

    My question now is what should I configure ISPConfig with to use it's own nameservers on my virtual server. I am new to this configuration and have only been working with Linux for about a year. I have done single DNS servers. My goal here is to use as my main nameserver and then use ISPConfig to handle DNS for all domains hosted from this server.

    Any ideas would be greatly helpful. FYI, I have used false domain names in this example just for proof of concept. If you would like the real domain names to aid in troubleshooting let me know.

    Working Items:

    1) Working ISPConfig install via instructions on the web
    2) Working
    3) Working addition of websites and they can be accessed

    Non working Items:

    1) Adding additional DNS records to domains in ISPConfig
    2) Sending and receiving mail

    Thanx for the help in advance,

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    I don't understand what you mean with that...:confused:

    Have a look at this post:
    If you want to have a primary and secondary DNS server, then you need a second server.
    BTW, it's good that you have a domain for technical purposes only! :)

    That would be good!

    Are there any errors in the mail log?
  3. teleriddler

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    Domain Names

    Here are the domain names I am using: - technical domain for nameserver and admin purposes - main site - not yet pointed to the ISPConfig due to it still being used as a mail server by my client. I want to make sure I get mail working with 1 domain, IE, before I move over.

    As for the current setup on your first question. I have a virtual server setup with Fedora Core 4 , with my virtual server host They have nameservers. I have the domain,, and registered with GoDaddy and I cannot change where these domains are hosted, client's preference. So I have nameserver entries in GoDaddy interface pointed to the nameservers, IE and So here is the quesiton: When I point, my admin domain, to nameservers, and, how to do I setup ISPConfig.

    The end result I want here is to use as my admin domain. I want to use my own nameservers on my virtual server, IE these nameservers have not been setup yet, for ISPConfig. Then I should be able to add domains through the ISPConfig interface and also manipluate DNS records for each domain through the ISPConfig interface.

    If you want logins or my e-mail just ask me.
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    IRC Channel?


    Is there an IRC channel in which people from this group hang out in?


  5. till

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    No, we dont have an IRC channel.
  6. falko

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    This is explained here:

    The authoritative name servers for are and On these servers you create A records for and, pointing to two different ISPConfig servers.
    Now whenever you register a new domain, you create the primary DNS records on one ISPConfig server and the slave DNS records on the other server first, then you register the domain and tell the registrar that the name servers for the new domain should be and
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    Nameserver Record Entries


    Thanx for the quick reply as always. I have one minor question before I start into this.

    Through the advanced DNS interface I am able to add a multitude of records, IE MX, A, CNAME, PTR, TXT, and NS.

    I have added the A records as follows: A 43200 <My server's IP address> A 43200 <My server's IP address>

    I was wondering if I should add them as NS records, or will the A record be good enough.

    Feel free to talk in DNS speak as I have done many DNS configuration by hand before but am still learning how ISPConfig handles DNS. I know that the above configs have nothing to do with the ISPConfig DNS configurations, just to let you know I am not confusing the 2.


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    Nameserver Record Entries Update

    So I tried entering as an NS record and's Advanced DNS balked at it and rightly so, I would need to have another nameserver listed where I put <My server's IP address> in order to make that work properly.

    So I guess I am just waiting for my new A records I put in last night to resolve. I keep checking with but they are still not "in the system" as of yet. I will update when I get a proper query returned.

  9. teleriddler

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    Nameserver continued


    so here is my current setup.

    I have my virtual server hosted at I have bought their "Advanced DNS Management" for

    I have added the following A records.

    All those A records resolve correctly now.

    I have added the site through ISPConfig. My client has purchased from GoDaddy. I login to the GoDaddy interface to enter the new nameservers, and The web interface will not allow me to enter them and returns an error that they are not real nameservers. Not sure what to do from here.

    Is there any type of support package I can purchase to have someone help me get the DNS working. I have a client who is anxious to move his mail over. I try to add different records through ISPConfig, I see them in my named config files on the server but somehow I do not have BIND/Named setup on my server to answer as and

    Any advice is welcomed.


  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    In that case I strongly recommend to contact the GoDaddy support as every registrar's DNS interface is different and requires different information, and I don't know the GoDaddy interface. I'm with DirectI.

    If you need support, you can contact us under info [at]
  11. teleriddler

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    I finally got everything working


    So I paid for support and Till has been great. I finally got everything working and a few assumptions were dismissed. I am going to post a full report of how I setup my virtual server with name server and pointing a domain from a registrar and got it all to work, even mail with SSL.

    ISPConfig is AWESOME and I hope someone else gains from my report coming in the near future.


  12. Thunderbirdsei

    Thunderbirdsei New Member

    That would be very nice...I'm waiting for it... :D
  13. Thunderbirdsei

    Thunderbirdsei New Member

    I can't wait, this tool is too awesome...^^

    I have a little problem with the DNS-Settings. The site
    can be reached, but the same site with the subdomain "www" can't.

    Beside that, my registrar nameserver test is not very happy:

    Status  	Aus unserer Sicht funktioniert dieser Domain-Name nicht.  
    Zone information
    Domain name / Zone:
    Test results in detail
    Test: Error performing delegation check
    ==> generic
    Any hints?

    It work's! But the Nameserver test run's still into a failure message...I'm probably too impatient...sorry!
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  14. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    DNS delegation takes some time, sometimes up to 48 hours.
  15. Thunderbirdsei

    Thunderbirdsei New Member

    Ok, thanks. Hmmm...I was able to install and configure Joomla! for and afterwards, let's say 15 min later, I can not reach the site anymore. Then I copied the installation to (web2 instead web1) and I'm able to run the site just fine. The settings under "DNS Manager" are equal. Even the settings under /etc/httpd/conf/vhosts_ispconfig.conf are even...I don't understand such actions...but as you said before, maybe it takes some's just a bit weird that from one minute to another things just not work anymore....

    Ok, time is the key to success.
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