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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by zenny, Jan 28, 2016.

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    I have two ISPconfig servers, both serves different sites. I just want to mirror DNS entries which can be done by choosing each zone and importing via ISPConfig DNS >> Zones Import. But the procedure appeared very tedious.

    Does ISPconfig allows to copy all pri.* and named.conf.local files in /etc/bind either using rsync or sftp to another server?

    I could not figure out exact procedure just to mirror DNS entries in two different ISPconfig installations which are neither mirored nor clustered installations?


    1. Read here ( but @till stated that "This can be done with the remote api esaily with afew lines of code, so no need to do this on DB level.", but he seemed to miss how part.

    2. ISPConfig3 manual states that such mirroring can be done manually for each zone which is tedious.
  2. till

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    Why so complicated? Mirroring is done by ispconfig automatically. Just add both dns server nodes to the same ispconfig master and choose the first dns server as "is mirror of server" under System > Server config in the settings of the second server.
  3. zenny

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    Thanks Till, but by doing so "is mirror of server" replicates everything (mail,dbase, web servers) which I do not need. Just need nameservers to replicate between two remote servers running ISPconfig3. That is the where I am stuck.
  4. till

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    If the remote servers run just dns, then only dns is replicated. If you run other services as well, then this won't work off course.
  5. zenny

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    Yep, I just wanted to know that how to copy the dns entries from one server to another without disturbing ISPconfig setups while making the replicate DNS entries appear in the ISPConfig panel.

    Is there a way to do so? Just copying the pri.* entries and named.conf.local did work, but the entries were not reflected in the ISPConfig UI against relevant users.
  6. till

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    If these servers are 2 standalone ISPConfig systems, then you would have to use the remote API to build a script that copies the records. If you just copy the bind files then you will not see that in ISPConfig.
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