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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wxman, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I'm running two physical servers with two Xen virtual nodes on each of them. One is for load balancer and failover, the other is a LAMP server setup with ISPConfig 3. What I've decided to do is get rid of the load balancer/failover on it's own node. I want to just run heartbeat along with the LAMP server. My problem is, can I do that without having to reinstall ISPConfig, or worse, my whole server?

    ISPConfig is now using the shared IP address of the load balancer, so I guess that I need to changes that to the local IP that I had for node the server was on. I'm going to be running at least three SSL certificates, and I have the public IP's for them already. I think I understand that I just add them to the server IP list in the ISPConfig interface? When I did that before it kept showing errors that there were no virtual servers for that IP address, so I hope the new setup will work easier. Do I also have to add extra local IP's to go with the public ones, or will ISPC only need the one local IP I have for it already?

    If there's anything I'm missing about this, I would appreciate the advice before I take the plunge.

    On a related question. When setting up SSL, I get that you generate the request, and use it to order your new certificate. When you get the certificate sent back it comes with the certificate, and a gd bundle. I assume the bundle goes into the SSL Bundle box, but does the issues certificate get pasted into the 'SSL Certificate' box? I ask this because when I went back to do this, something was already in the 'SSL Certificate' box. Also, do I set up a completely separate site for the SSL? What I mean is so there would be a regular site and a separate one for the SSL under the same domain.
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    I have this working for the most part. I didn't have to do much of anything to make it work. All I really did was change the server IP in the Ispconfig interface.

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