need web hosting that support DNN 8

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    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I am looking to build a website for my B&B business using DNN 7. The site will be static and consist of just a few pages (5-7) and will have images. Once I have built the website I won't have to edit it much except for maybe a couple of times a year to change opening hours etc. I don't intend on having any online booking system or anything like that it's just going to be a brochure website so that I can advertise my B&B in local paris magazines and put my web address on there so that people can see my site and find out more information before they call me.

    So, I want ASP.NET hosting that doesn't cost too much money and of course support DNN 7 and MSSQL 2014. Preferably with europe server. The cheapest I've seen so far is £5 per month but the features far exceed my requirements. I was just wondering if I could save some money and find something that offers a lot less features. I've been searching in google and found out this review:

    After i've reading it, my concern now is Anyone knows about them? Have you ever had any experience with them? Or do you have any other hosting company in your mind?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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