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  2. my filezilla is configure to : Use explicit FTP over TLS is available

    it seems to me that on my old ispconfig I had followed this tuto :
    is it still current? or is there another tutorial available for that?

    If i use "only use plain FTP(insecure)" in fillezilla it's good to access
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    I have a similar situation. I plan to create 2 servers:
    - Primary VM: panel with web, DNS server and webmail
    - Secondary VM: mail server with DNS mirror.
    And the question is: can I set up Secondary VM 2 times separately? 1st time as a mail server and 2nd time as a DNS mirror of Primary Server? Can it work like that?

    I need two dns servers: primary and secondary (as a mirror), and I'm looking for a way to combine a secondary dns server with a mail server.
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    One server can be added only once.
    I like having two name servers that run only name service. Then I can set up n2 as mirror of ns1.
    If I were to use only two servers as ISPConfig multiserver setup, I would not use name server mirroring, instead use secondary zones. Then server1 can run panel, web service and dns, server2 can run mail and dns.
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    Does this mean that I have to add the DNS record twice, to the primary zone and to the secondary zone manually for every domain?
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    When installing the primary server, I noticed that postfix, getmail are installed by default, which are needed for the mail server. Or some services, like Apache, mysql, pureftpd, and other services that are present by default in all servers (primary (for panel) and additional). Wouldn't it be easier to install all services on all servers, and then choose from the panel on which server to host the user's website and mail? And finally I have two web servers, two mail servers, and etc. services, there will be more options and choices. What do you think about this? Why decide to separate the mail server from primary, if the resources that used are almost the same?
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    A server should have a clear purpose, and be as minimal as possible to fullfill this purpose. Any additional package or piece of software that is installed/running is a concern reagarding security. It would make the system way more complex, and it is more work to maintain because there might be services that _can_ get in the way of each other. So I don't think thats a good idea.

    It would be more sensible in your case to build a multiserver setup with at least 4 servers, but i understand that it might depend on factors like cost or ressources available. But 1 Master(Panel), 1 or 2 Mailserver and 2 Nameservers independent of each other is a much more sane setup imo.
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    May be, may be not. I think, in the future, it is better for you to open your own thread as your setup is different than his.
    No, it is not. Other than what @pyte advised above, focus on what you want on the particular server. The tutorial already help a lot to build a particular server but if you are not sure, you may ask more about your intended setup especially when it is a mix or combination of services.
    Various reasons but that all depends on your designs and needs.
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    Thanks for the information, I understand that this is an individual approach to the task, so I myself need to decide what this server is for. Discussing here, I wanted to get an opinion from professionals who have invaluable experience on this issue.

    I would also like to thank you in addition for helping users find answers to their questions, and for all the hard work involved in making ISPConfig. This system helps me a lot to solve my problems.
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