New ISPConfig module for WHMCS

Discussion in 'Tips/Tricks/Mods' started by cwispy, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. webguyz

    webguyz Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Problem with installing latest version. When clicking Test Connection button of ISPConfig Integration Module during setup I get this error
    Client error response [status code] 400 [reason phrase] Bad Request [/B]Was running this before but I started from scratch and re-installed. Running on 3.1.13 Any idea what this error means?
    If I check the Tick to use SSL Mode for Connections I get this error
    cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate
  2. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    Hi guys,
    It has been almost a year since there has been an update. is it still active?

    Has anyone managed to get the module working with the automatic creation of an SQL database and user?
  3. MdsNet

    MdsNet New Member

    i'm configuring whmcs 8.1.2 with ispconfig integration.
    I fellow the tutorial and configured it as indicated. When i try to create a webhosting on isp (only website mode, no dns , no mailserver) , return back
    Module Create Failed - Service ID: 1 - Error: No ISPConfig Limit-Template Match Found

    The settings should be right.

    Someone can help me pls?

    Thank you,
  4. BenM

    BenM Member

    Did you make a limit template in ispconfig?
  5. MdsNet

    MdsNet New Member

    yes i cretead a limited template with permission to create only website, ftp and database functions (no dns, no mail etc). The teplate id on isp is 2 , and enter the same in ispconfig whmcs plugin.
  6. BenM

    BenM Member

    Thats strange. can you share screenshots from ispconfig and whmcs settings?
  7. MdsNet

    MdsNet New Member

    i send you the screenshots.





    Thank you in advance
  8. BenM

    BenM Member

    is whmcs able to connect to your server?
  9. MdsNet

    MdsNet New Member

    Hi, yes the connection to ispconfig server, working fine.
  10. BenM

    BenM Member

    can you make a DNS template as well?
  11. MdsNet

    MdsNet New Member

    Is it mandatory? Because we don't manage dns with isp , we've a dedicated server. For mail also. With ispconfig , we need to create website, ftp and database only. So should be the problem?
  12. BenM

    BenM Member

    i know, just try?
  13. BenM

    BenM Member

    I tried to run a test setup with whmcs 8 , it works but also gives errors.

    Think Cwispy should be running an update for whmcs 8 and php 7.4
  14. MdsNet

    MdsNet New Member

    I tried to run a test setup with whmcs 8 , it works but also gives errors.
    Same errors?

    Ok i can try to update versions
  15. BenM

    BenM Member

    No, not the same errors as you got.
    I see that the scripting toward ispconfig3 is also not up to date.
    This will take some time....
  16. MdsNet

    MdsNet New Member

    OK thanks. So we're waiting for a module update
  17. spazio

    spazio Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I tried the module on whmcs Version: 7.8.3 with php/7.3/ on debian server!
    It seems to work as the customer and hosting email service are created but prevent the daily activity cron job to execute!
    So not to be used on a production server.
    There is an error that goes on and on and if I turn on debug it fills the hard drive of the server with log file pretty rapidly... 2 min générate a 5gig log file

    Anybody had a chance on contacting the package maintainer?
  18. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    Already sent him an email but no response. Can't we get this module right with a few people? after all these years still no properly working module
  19. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    you can't add anything from the customer environment

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  20. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Sorry I have not been around. I have lots of stuff going on and unfortunately I am also migrating away from WHMCS since they changed their licensing model. That being said though, I still have this module running under whmcs 8.2.0 and php 7.3.

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