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  1. AVG

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    The problem exists if you suspend user in whmcs and then unsuspend, then ftp login not working.
    For new user which is created by whmcs, ftp login is working properly, untill you suspend it in whmcs and then unsuspend.
  2. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    I will look into the problem. Thanks for tracking this issue down. :)
  3. budgierless

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    Hi cwispy,

    I am overcome with happiness to know that you have developed this awesome currently open source mod, i am new to the ispconfig 3 Eco-system, and one of the reasons i started using it now is because of your module, i am still setting up my server, making it ready for full production use.

    my question to you is, based on the last issue shown above, its made me think what are the account controls of the mod on active accounts?
    For example: yes the mod crates accounts, but can it suspend/un-suspend them? can it remove an account? i ask because automated control of an account based on its billing status is my goal which I'm hoping to have with ispconfig 3 via whmcs.

    if your answer is no to some or all the aspects i have stated, then can i formally request this as a future feature please?

    thank you and please keep up the good work, also please share or PM me a donation link as i would like to support you in some way other then thanks.
  4. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Hi budgierless,

    Thanks for your comments and support. The module will create, delete, suspend, unsuspend accounts, as well as change the primary client password to login to the ISPConfig control panel.

    With the exception of the ftp issue, which I have not had a chance to look at yet, it appears that the module is pretty stable, and I would almost call it production ready, but saying that, it is still very new, so its possible that there is still a bug lurking somewhere.
    Although with the module being Open Source and release under the GPL, it means anyone can pick it up and improve it, or modify it, break it or fix it as they like. No longer are you locked into a licensde module or reliant on someone elses support, that may or may not happen.

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  5. budgierless

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    I can only say I'm very impressed, is their are road-map of features that you are looking to add in future, or is job done for the objective of this mod with bugs fix development only?
    the only other but important question i have is: what version of whmcs was this mod developed with and if backwards compatible then what is the oldest suggested version can be used do you think?

    Edit: I was looking at the read-me file, and it says were to add the file, but is that all that is needed? no config or details needed to be added to the mod or ispconfig 3 itself? if so, can you add step by step info on the read me, as I'm not to good at this kind of thing and don't want to make any mistakes.
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  6. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Have a look at for some more details. Better instructions on setting up the module are on the list of things that needs to be done, but I have not had time to do yet.
  7. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Hi AVG,

    I have just submitted a fix to github for the ftp authentication issue.

  8. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Some future plans are the ability for clients to be able to manage email accounts, passwords, websites etc from within the WHMCS client area, instead of needing to login to ISPConfig.

    This module should work with WHMCS version 5.3.x and up, yet it may also work with 5.x, but it has not been tested with anything lower than 5.3.10 by me.
  9. AVG

    AVG Member

    Hi cwispy,

    I have tested the latest fix from github, so everything is working flawlessly, thanks.

    One more, change please the line 175 on github from
    $soaemail = $dnssettings[2] . '.' . $domain.'.';
    $soaemail = $dnssettings[2] . '.' . $domain;

    otherwise in section "SOA Email" after email has a additional dot.

  10. budgierless

    budgierless Member HowtoForge Supporter

    This is most helpful but the wiki link would be great if added to the readme file so that if a 3rd party is in charge or implementation they have reference to the documentation, I only quoted about adding instructions to the readme in case installation is applied offline before server reaches production, but it is unlikely I know , but the wiki link will do at the very least.

    Also after reading the wiki I found myself thinking what template are you referring to? Could you add a screen print as an example on the wiki page, in fact images where any user details that have to be applied? Anythings better than none really, at your discretion of course.
    This would be most helpful and also bring your documentation inline with howtoforge tutorial style, and I can only hope would lead to a decline of support questions, making less work for you with noobs like me.
  11. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Glad to hear everything is now working like it should be. If there are no more issues found over the next few weeks, I would have to suggest that the module is now stable. Here is hoping.

    Thanks AVG. I have just changed the soaemail setting as well. Sorry I forgot about that one after I had mentioned it as a fix in this thread.
  12. Entangled

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    Hello ... Newbie here at both Debian and ISPConfig (and sort what at WHMCS too) ... first, I would like to say, thanks for developing.

    Being a Newbie, I read and follow the directions/instructions pretty much by cut/paste ... last night, I installed this module per the instructions. However, the module was not showing up in WHMCS ... took me some time to figure it out.

    Turns out that the instructions on github and wiki aren't exactly in seq (the same) ... There is a naming conflict: isp3cfg vs ispcfg3 ... I guess, if the directory/folder and the module aren't the same name, the module does not appear in WHMCS. Please update the instructions for us Newbies.

    I am also getting: SOAP ERROR: no_server_ error ... the module creates an ISPConfig account but does not create the Site or FTP ... I am sure I got something dorked up ... for one, I am still running WHMCS 5.1.2 ... 5.3.11 will be installed today.

    Thanks again.
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  13. budgierless

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    I must admit I had the same issue but I couldn't work out what the issue was, but after all my postings about getting a better break down of the instructions, I gave up because I felt like a dum noob because I seemed to be the only one having an issue. Anything the only difference between us is I use ubuntu with whmcs 5.3.11.

    If you manage to get it working could you report back, thanks
  14. Entangled

    Entangled Member

    I got the this module working ... just don't have all the functions working yet ... I am sure my issue has to do with the ISPConfig Templates or something stupid along those lines ...

    I have been running the Hsphere Control Panel on clusters of CentOS servers for years so I'm in the "dumb noob" stage with Debian and ISPConfig. I was able to get a WHMCS / Interspire Email Marketer module working, this one shouldn't be that much different.

    What issues are/were you having?
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  15. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Thanks, I must have been asleep when I typed up the wiki instructions. I have fixed that reference from isp3cfg to ispcfg3.

    The no_server_error typically means that there is a server in your ISPConfig template, that you do not have listed in the WHMCS server group. The server names in the server group on WHMCS must match the server names in ISPConfig exactly or the module will not be able to find the correct server to pass to ISPConfig so that it can create the service.

    Hope that helps you sort it out.
  16. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    You shouldn’t give up, or feel like a noob. Everyone had to start somewhere, and the only way to improve your knowledge is to ask questions and keep investigating why its not working.

    What is the error you are getting now?
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  17. Entangled

    Entangled Member

    cwispy ... thanks for updating the wiki, however, there are still a few more "isp3cfg" within the body of the text.

    At this point, I am not understanding the ISPConfig Templates, I haven't gotten that far yet in my studies ... under the Client tab, there are two Templates: Limit-Templates and Email-Templates ... neither one points to any servers.

    Under the System tab, I got 3 servers: cp2.domain.tld, mail2.domain.tld and mysql2.domain.tld. I have setup a Main Template called "Shared 1". Again, I don't see how ISPConfig makes the connection between the Templates and the Servers.

    Anyway, I have in WHMCS Servers these 3 servers: CP2 (Name: CP2, Hostname: cp2.domain.tld, IP, Type: Ispcfg3), Mail2 (Name: Mail2, Hostname: mail2.domain.tld, IP, Type: Ispcfg3), and mySQL2 (Name: mySQL2, Hostname: mysql2.domain.tld, IP, Type: Ispcfg3). I have a "Shared 1" in WHMCS Servers Groups that contains these 3 servers. And in WHMCS Products / Services, I have a "Shared 1" that points to the Ispcfg3 module and ISPConfig Template ID 4.

    I upgraded WHMCS to 5.3.11 last night. And I have doubled checked the spelling of the Server names ... they appear to be correct.

    Currently, the Ispcfg3 module creates the Client but dies with the no_server_error when Website Creation is checked.

    I'll keep hacking at it.
  18. budgierless

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    I got lost at the template part, I think I may of messed it up or something, im reinstalling ispconfig then whmcs and will try again.
  19. budgierless

    budgierless Member HowtoForge Supporter

    ok, so im guessing the instructions on the wiki was not about the dns template, is the template that needs to be created the hosting packages kinda thing???

    update: client template, i hope?

    anyway i am adding details for the module, and im confused about the dns syntax, I clicked use template, so do i still need to input about syntax? if so, if i copy and paste the example shown in whmcs:

    (ns1.domain.tld,ns2.domain.tld,webmaster,1, or use (NS1,NS2,Emailname,Templateid,Zone IP Addresseg)

    will that be ok? because i dont no that to put in their otherwise? i just want it to used the dns temlpate as it is , because i no it works fine with little edits i made.
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  20. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Ok, I think I got all references to the isp3cfg this time under the wiki.

    In an effort to make it simpler for others to understand the serup process, I am currently installing a couple of virtual machines so I can take some screenshots to put up on the wiki. I will reply back to the thread once I have done this.

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