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    Hi all,
    I just got myself a other server today because of some memory problems. Same hosted, same node only different IP.
    I just cloned the old to the new and can access it on interface. Because of the new IP, I decided to also change the hostname if possible.
    Is this a secure way? Simply one on one clone? If so, I just have to edit the DNS of the websites and will be good to go. TTL was already set to 300 at front so an update should be easy and fast.
    Please give me your thought about this! I might forget something and things will go wrong

  2. till

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    It sould work like this, just change hostname and DNS.
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    Hi Till,
    Thanks! Seems to work like a charm.
    One thing I can not find anywhere. In the interface, on the monitor tab, the value "Server to Monitor" is still the old name.
    I changed etc/host and updated resolv.conf for the correct name servers but where is that value hidden?


  4. till

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    System > Server services

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    Brilliant! Thanks again :)

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