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Discussion in 'General' started by sigiberlin, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. sigiberlin

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    i made up a new website with ISPConfig, deleted it inside ISPConfig, and made it again using the same Domain name.

    ISPConfig seems to know this als web24, als this is a directory under /var/www/clients/client2. But all files inside that dir are owned by web22, which was then Index of the deleted website (yes i did it two times...)

    if i now try to change the owner of the files from web22 to web24, i have no luck - owner stays at web22.

    This might not be dangerous as i am (physically) own all files. But: after installing the Wordpress APS package, i constantly get Error 502.

    help is welcome :)

  2. burlyhousetech

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    I've seen a similar problem before across multiple recent versions of ISPConfig. Have been intending to test the different variations and isolate what exactly is going on, but haven't found the time. In each case I had deleted and recreated a web site in order to reconfigure a given domain name. I was able to resolve the problem via command-line chown.

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