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    I'v setup Nginx for my lan expire user, i'm setup this server for person who used his/her internet limit, and should not have internet and should see expire users web page, if they charge their account, and they will have internet, But i have a problem, when a user charge his internet , he still see "expire user web site" if he try to go to a new web site he will not have any problem, but , if he try to see an old website he will see my "expire website " ( i think its about caching) how can i disable Nginx cache ?


    in google chrome its show me expire time is 1 month , but i don't set expire time in my config file , how could i fix this ?
    i don't want to nginx cache page, i dont want nginx caching,
    how can i disable caching on nginx ?
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    The expire time of a cookie is set by the application that creates the cookie, which is e.g. a php script or even a javascript application but not the webserver, so you have to edit the code of that app and set the expire time that you like to have for the cookie.

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