Nginx as pure reverse proxy for an apache webserver with running shop and another backend app

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  1. Anders Yuran

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    Please have patience with a newcomer on Nginx. I have read a LOT of tutorials on the subject but the more I read the more confused I am.
    This forum and tutorials seems the right way to go though
    Here is my scenario
    I have a vps with ubuntu 16.04. Webmin/Virtualmin as CP.
    I have a running webshop on it using Apache. I have also installed a Traccar traccing server. And this is the complication
    If I only had the webshop it could run as it is now, protected using Letsencrypt.
    But the Traccar has no native support for SSL and the only way to secure it is to run a reverse proxy in front of it.
    If I just had a fresh install I would be able to experiment until I got it roíght but the eshop cant be offline when I fail to get it right. So I hope someone can help to show me the way forward to minimize the shop downtime


    Anders Yuran
  2. adamjedgar

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    Hi Anders,
    I am not familiar with that configuration, however , I do have a webmin virtualmin server in my group of vps systems.

    Personally I would purchase a cheap vps and clone your existing system onto it using a different hostname and domain. Actually just changing the extension would be enough... ie .com, or, or, or or whatever. If you don't have a spare domain and don't want to buy one, a subdomain is an option too.

    Experiment with that setup until you get it working, then make the necessary upgrades to your production system...keeping a snapshot backup of it in your service providers console (your service provider has snapshot capability yes?)

    Snapshot is good because it can be used to spin up a new identical instance within a short period of time should you stuff up when you finally make big changes on the production system.

    I would probably also put a notifi action on the front end for users too about scheduled maintenance with possible downtime.

    Also, if you are running virtualmin pro I would put a ticket in for Jamie or Erik to help out with this.
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