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    i'm new to this VPS thing and i have a lot to learn.
    I'm searching to figure out why i can't get access on port 443 and no https.
    I followed this and now i'm a bit stuck.
    It's a great tutorial and if i'm correct it involved LEt's Encrypt too.
    In fact i only want to use this vps to read/write to the DB. I have a few PHP files as middleware to connect to the db. On a sharing host this works ok.
    I connect to the php files via a windows program. But now the files are on the VPS i get an error 443.
    So maybe because i have no https is why i don't get access. When i call the connect_todb.php like in a browser then i get an confirmation that it connects. So that's working. All i need now is access via port 443 and https and i need adding PHP 7.1 as the php files are written for that using PDO to communicate with the DB . I have Centos7.5/Nginx.
    Just tick the Let's Encrypt box in ISPConfig does not do the job.
    Can please someone point me on some guides to follow or explain what to do?

    Thanks very much.
    Regards, jjs
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  3. jjsjjs

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    Thanks Taleman. I'm now following this howto to install the certbot www dot marksei dot com/lets-encrypt-setup-centos/
    hopefully that will resove it. I was under the impression that following the howto whcih i did first was enough and that the certificate would be used. But let's see. Also i now have a 502 error when trying to go into phpmyadmin again, probably after trying to install additonal PHP7.1. More difficult then i expected this server setup.
  4. jjsjjs

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    I think i'm going to make a frsh start and forget about centos and go for the perfect Ubuntu whcih after all when i checked it seems a bit easier
  5. jjsjjs

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    Yes using the Ubuntu with Apache went smoother. I have https now, but also the error that phpmyadmin now does not run. And Firefox complaining that the SSL rx record is too long. I'm pretty sure that phpmyadmin was installed and the creation of ssl went ok. Maybe it's related i don't know. any hint on that? thanks a lot
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    You posted the same question in the tutorial comments some time ago and it was answered there already.
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    ok sorry, i did not see. I will check it, thanks a lot.

    Thanks i will try it out tonight and reply here.
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  8. jjsjjs

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    Yes awesome. That did the trick and appearantly i was too quick yesterday and did not hit the spacebar to select mysql.
    Also the password you've mentioned (were i said that admin,admin did not work), i had written it down yesterday but i had no qlue where it was for. But now up to go and test things out. Let's see if i don't have any 443 errors anymore when accessig the DB via the php files from my windows program. Thanks very much!

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