No new database created after update on Muilt Server

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    I'm facing a problem that is hard for me to solve and I need help.
    I did the update but it didn't went well (forgotten passwords).
    During the troubleshooting I changed passwords, because I forgot the originals. I know, bad documentation.
    I restored the backup, /usr/local/ispconfig and the original database (master and slave).
    After restoration, I found the old passowrds, I perform again the update and all went well. No errors.
    I can connect from the master to the db slave, and from the slave to the master.

    How can I solve this?
    I disabled the cron and run the /usr/local/ispconfig/server/ by hand, no errors.
    On the master I query the database, search, for the new one and it exists on the table web_database. Doing the same on the slave, nothing appears.
    Running PHP 5.3 and MySQL5

    Thank you.
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    Can I remove de mysql server and add it back again? or add it with another hostname?
    If this is possible what is going to happen to the existing databases?

    Thank you
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    This will break all existing databases.

    > I disabled the cron and run the /usr/local/ispconfig/server/ by hand, no errors.

    Enable debugging for this salve server in the ispconfig interface on the master, then add a new database and then run the script and post the output.
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    Thank you Till,

    I was only running on the master and not on the slave.
    I found the problem and solve it. It was the username I messed up.
    Many many thanks.

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