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Discussion in 'General' started by deadguy, Oct 1, 2005.

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    My server crashed thanks to a bad line in my apt-sources, but all existing user data was safe. This was a perfect time to switch from Debian to Ubuntu, and as I did so, I came across the "Perfect Setup" detailed here – an excellent walkthrough, btw. This helped me get a couple things done that I wanted, mainly Postfix.

    However, because I had most of my settings from my old server—the server previously had apache2, bind9, Courier IMAPd, qmail and ProFTPd running—the move to Ubuntu via most of the instructions in the "Perfect Setup" was pretty painless, since most of those configs were already existing. The users—some 30 or so—on the other hand, were also pre-existing – real users on the server with their own home dirs, and I wanted to migrate them without much hassle.

    To make things clear about how the bulk of them are set up, most users have the following:
    • * an email account – [email protected]
      * a sub-domain – (all sites are under /home/user/public_html at the moment)
      * FTP access
    Some users have domains that are unrelated to, and have email at those domains. They've registered their own domains, but this server is acting as their primary name server.

    I had been running Courier IMAP previously, so these users already have mail in Maildir format. Both ProFTPd and Postfix seem to be running fine, authing against /etc/shadow (PostFix doing so via saslauthd). Apache2 has a bunch of sites in /etc/apache2/sites-available and symlinks in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled. Now, having tested the ISPConfig setup, I know it installs fine, but I am hesitant, because I don't know how best to migrate these users over.

    Anyone have suggestions as to how to do this? (I have /etc backed up to keep all the configs safe) What current configs will totally break (e.g. bind9, apache2), and if they do, what is the most expedient way to fix it? How do multiple apache2 virthosts get imported under ISPConfig? Does ISPConfig use /etc/shadow at all? Are all users essentially virtual – no real account on the server, with everyhting stored in MySQL? If so, where can I move their maildir and public_html dirs?

    I wish there was a little more documentation on how ISPConfig works, maybe I could have figured some of this out on my own. Maybe this isn't even the best solution for me, but the control panel aspect really attracted me.

    Thanks for the feedback in advance.
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