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    currently I am running ubuntu 10.4 server with great results.. I have an older server running mandrake. I have not run the mandrake server in over 4 years but now I am needing access to this server. this was a dedicated server and only had one site on it with no control panel. could I just reconfigured the server address and point port 8080 to the old server and access the old site?

    reason I need access to old server.

    they old site had some modifications and I would like to add them to the current server..it would make life so much easier if I could split my screen and see both new and old site side by side...

    now with that said you may ask why not just have a copy of the old site running on the new Steve... reason is the old site will not run if php is newer then 4.5 don't know why it just won't work..

    thanks for any input

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    On Ubuntu Linux server you need to check the PHP code compatibility and after migration (from mandrake to mandrake) you can use temp URL to check the web site.

    kindly let me know your mandrake version.
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