OpenLDAP+Samba in Ubuntu 8.10

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  1. jviens

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    Hey guys. I'm fairly new to Linux and am trying to set up the OpenLDAP/Samba DC for my home network but I'm trying to set it up on Hardy. I know there are some differences with 8.10 and am just wondering what tweaks I'll need to make to get it to work. The first problem I'm having is when I put in:
    auth-client-config -a -p open_ldap
    I get the error message:
    Error in updating the file: 'nss_netgroup' not found
    Errors found. Aborting (no changes made)

    I'm sure this is a matter of something either not existing in 8.10 as it does in 7.10 or it's in a different place or something.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. awe

    awe New Member

    I suggest you to edit the profile that contains the information that is going to be used to add the new config to the authentication mecanisms. Edit /etc/auth-client-config/profile.d/open_ldap

    Add the following line:
    nss_netgroup=netgroup: compat ldap
    You can add it where the other "nss_" lines are to keep things tidy.

    Then retry. I suppose it will work. This happens on 8.10, I don't know about 9.04

  3. jviens

    jviens New Member

    Thanks. That worked for that one. Now I need to post my next problem.... :)

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