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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by -=- jd -=-, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. -=- jd -=-

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    Falco... nice article. (really). Question(s):

    1) As far as you are aware, is most of it still applicable to the release version of opensuse 10? (ie; no longer beta)

    2) I'm assuming that the article is referring to (I'll have to re-read again, have looked at it one & a half times now - again - very nice article... :) ) a single nic'd machine that is behind a firewall of <whatever> sort. Just looking for confirmation on that. I can do port fwds if required.

    I've been running ipmasq'd SME/Mitel boxes for the past several years (two nics, 1 forward facing to the internet, the other talking to the internal side) and while they have proven to work very well, and have been very stable and reliable, I've recently entertained the idea of "building my own" server and this HOW-TO that you wrote up appears to be a good starting point. I would just assume build it using a single nic, and then open the respective ports on my firewall to bring inbound traffic to the server (80, 22, 25, 21 secure webmail - 445?, etc... )

    Just curious, and again - nice article - thanks for providing it.

    -=- jd -=-
  2. falko

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    Yes, it applies also to the release version of OpenSuSE 10.0. :)

    You can use it for servers with a direct connection to the internet (like in datacenters), or for servers in a local network behind a router, but in the latter case you have to forward all needed ports from your router to your server.
  3. -=- jd -=-

    -=- jd -=- New Member

    Thanks for the feedback Falco.

    -=- jd -=-

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