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  1. Elizabeth Thayne

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    I just started a Linux course and I am so overwhelmed with all of the different commands. Are there any ways to make it a little bit easier to remember all of the different keys and commands?
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    1. don't bother trying to learn / remember all of them.
    2. just concentrate on the ones you're going to use most to start with: cd, ls, mv, rm, mkdir rmdir, chown, chmod, kill, ps, tail, grep, find, man.
    3. if you're not sure about if a command is the right one to use, or the correct syntax/arguments to use with a command. look at the manual for that command. the command man shows you all the details for any command, eg 'man ls', or 'man grep'.
    4. probably should be rule number 1.. never ever (especially as root) run the command 'rm -rf /*'
    5. google is your friend. just state what you're trying to achieve, and on what OS.
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    Learning by doing ;-)
    In the past I had a mousepad with the most useful commands, which was helpful in the beginning but I did not have to look at it quite soon.. Also auto-completion is a good helper (double-tap the tabulator key).

    For remembering, it helped me to understand what the commands actually mean. Most of them are just an abbreviation like:
    cd -> change directory
    du -> disk usage
    df -> disk free
    mv -> move
    cp -> copy
    rm -> remove
    ls -> list (directory contents)
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