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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by nveid, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. nveid

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    Any possibility to add in the ability to take payments along with invoices from client & reseller ends using the Paypal Direct Payment API? I find its one of the newer choices out there, & much lower cost than others for accepting credit cards. (what i've been thinking about using, just have to get aroudn to writing the code to interface with it.)

    In anycase, it'd be really nice to see. And I really like what I've seen about this ISPConfig so far. Featurewise I like it better than VHCS, which I found the main problem with those guy is whenever you mention adding the ability to manage shell accounts from their CP they all freak out on their boards. Plesk is the only other panel out there I think I saw that allows the ability to manage shell accounts as well(maybe i haven't looked much..). Haven't actually downloaded this software & tried it out yet, but either way. Really nice guys, really nice. =)
    -- RLB
  2. heftigrat

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    I can see a HUGE benefit with having a merchant account interface where customers can make purchases and payments, add new services, etc. via a secure online interface. PayPal is definitely the best choice. I like the idea, nveid. :)
  3. falko

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