Perfect Server 15.04 image file on Google Compute Engine or AWS

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  1. mintman

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    You know what would be great...a walk through for setting up the perfect server ISPconfig ova image in either GCE (Google Compute Engine) or Amazon AWS
    What would be even better would be for someone to add this image to the Amazon AWS and GCE public images

    To this end I have downloaded the ova file from
    Imported it into Virtualbox and exported as a vmdk file.
    I then converted it into a raw file and imported into GCE using the instructions on
    I can then launch this image in a new instance.

    Unfortunately I can't then access this instance over SSH (either the build in web based one or standard terminal), I have setup the necessary firewall rules but I cant get the $ nc IPADDRESS command to register any ssh server (it times out). I suspect that the network or SSH is not configured correctly in the image

    Any ideas? muchos gracias
  2. till

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    The image file is build with vmware, so it was already a vmdk inside, the ova format is the software independant format for vmware to get compatibility with other virtualisation software.

    The most likely reason for your problem is the network setup, I havent used a vmware image on aws or google cloud yet but I guess they have a different network setup then standalone virtualisation servers. Check with ifconfig command if you have a configured network interface with the correct IP.

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