perfect setup suse10.1- a few questions.

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    I am considering setting up a open-suse10.1 server on an extra box in my home. I have a cable connection, and i use a Linksys befw11s4 router. All machines in the house connect through the router, either via cat5 or wirelessly. The server will be connected via cat5.

    on page 3, in the section to configure for a static ip address. Do i need this step? My isp already provides me with a static ip, however the internal addresses obviously change according to which machine is started first. Those addresses range from, am i setting up static address for one of the internal ip's?

    Also on page 3, where to configure for nameservers. I currently own a FQDN, with DNS also setup through dnsmadeasy. Do i use the ip's provided by my DNS host? Finally one more question, again on page 3 for defalut gateway and subnet mask, are those ip's pulled right from the router?

    I appreciate any help, and thanks in advance for any replies !!
  2. till

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    You must setup an static IP from your internal IP addresses on your server, hat is not in the range of IP addresses of your DHCP server.

    No, you must use some external resolving nameservers, or simply use the IP of your router.

    Use the same netmask as you setup in your router for the internal network. The gateway IP is the IP of your router.
  3. reddog

    reddog New Member

    Till, thank you for the reply !

    lets see if i understand everything you mentioned.

    if the DHCP server or my router allows up to 50 addresses (i.e. i need to assign the address to something greater then or less than is that correct? If so, will the router still be able to open the ports needed for the world to see what needs to be seen?

    dnsmadeasy is an external service that handles my DNS records. am i just confused or are these two differnet things?

    i am pretty green:D at linux, ive been using suse10 for about 2 months now, and im diggin it. I just wanted to take the educational experience a few steps further. well, i guess i just took a full head dive to the deep

    off to run a few errands, i'll be back in a bit !!

    thanks for your help !!
  4. till

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    Yes, as long as the IP addresses are within the range of your network mask. If your network mask is, then everythink will work.

    This are two different things. dnsmadeasy handles your own domain, correct?
    And the DNS servers that must be entered here are resolving DNS servers for all external domains, the DNS servers that you got from your DSL provider or you resolve trough your router by using your routers IP.
  5. reddog

    reddog New Member

    this is correct, they resolve my domain name and point it to my external ip.

    ok, im still in the dark a bit on how this works. But to avoid you having to explain the fine intricasies of nameservers, dns, and the internet as a whole.:) I'll just use the routers ip address:)

    Im going to get started on an install asap. I'll post back my progress, if you dont mind.

    Thanks again for your help,
  6. reddog

    reddog New Member

    just wanted to post back that i get it now:D I was pokin around in my system for a possible plain text doc. of yast repositories that im using, never found that.(any ideas?). But i did happen to stumble across:


    and it listed the namservers ip address that my isp provides, then the lightbulb went on in my head, "this is what till was talkin about" I have already done the install, and everything seems to be workin pretty well. Just wanted to post back that little tid bit of info and say thanks again!!

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