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    for a small webhosting server (1CPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB Storage), should the following be changed?
    I am concerned about system memory usage when running clients wordpress websites on this vps.

    I am running php-fpm on most websites

    Below are my global settings

    Resource Limits
    Maximum memory allocation 32M
    Maximum HTTP POST size 8M
    Maximum file upload size 8M
    Maximum execution time 180 seconds
    Maximum input parsing time 180 seconds

    MySQL database connection settings
    Allow persistent database connections? Default
    Maximum persistent connections? Unlimited
    Maximum total connections? Unlimited
    MySQL connection timeout? Default
    Default MySQL server host localhost
    Default MySQL server port 3306

    RAM at the moment is sitting around 45% and i have 3 Wordpress and 2 static html websites on the server. Nothing fancy on wordpress sites...about 1 GB or less in size each. (1 has a few image sliders but not large number of images)

    This server is not the one i have been using in the past and my last one usually hovered around 25% RAM.

    System is Debian 9 / apache / mysql on Vultr (2GB RAM, 1CPU, 50 GB Storage)

    fail2ban seems to be using an awful lot of memory. Is there somthing i can do about some of these high memory use processes in the image attached?

    Any ideas?

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