PHP prerequisites for Horde Groupeware

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    *** PRODUCTION ENV ***
    Machine : remote VPS SSD 2
    OS distro : Ubuntu 18.04
    Cpanel : ISPConfig 3.2.2
    Web server : apache 2.4

    *** APP TO INSTALL ***
    Horde Groupware Webmail Edition
    (HGWE) : free, enterprise ready, browser based communication suite


    First of all, one of the prerequisites is to install HGWE using PEAR : PHP Extension and Application Repository. As to follow provided instructions, I wished to locate and open PHP.INI file on my system, but such this file is located iin different sub-folders within /ect/php/7.2 directory.

    That said, I found in each of these PHP.INI files the string that confirm a PEAR installation that matches this requirement : “find the include_path and make sure that /usr/share/php is part of the list.“

    *** QUESTION ***
    Is there a main system PHP.INI file whose others PHP.INI files found in sub-folders within /ect/php/7.2 directory are children of ?
    *** MORE INFOS ***
    Prerequisites (section 4/7) :


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    Ok, thanks

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