phpmyadmin, no privilege to create database

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by karnius, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. karnius

    karnius New Member

    Hi guys,

    I know ispconfig block root user tf creating database, but I got a probleme here, when a create a database in ispconfig, it dosen't appear in phpmyadmin!

    So easy question, is there a way to enable root user to have database creation privilege, or any idea of what is wrong?

    i'm completely in the dark here

    Thank you
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig is not blocking the root user in any way or even modifying the priveliges of the mysql root user.

    I guess you mix this up with the default setting in phpmyadmin to hide the databse with the name "mysql". You can change this in the config file of phpmyadmin.

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