Possible cronjob bug

Discussion in 'General' started by Jim Ji, Oct 2, 2015.

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    Hi all

    I have encountered a very interesting problem. I have a set of cronjob that is running but they aren't in the cron table of dbispconfig.

    Initially I created website1 and added the cronjob in question. The cronjob did work. A few days later we had some permission issues and had to delete website1. We did not remove the cronjob when we deleted website1.

    Then we added website2 and added the cronjob again into website2 cronjob.

    And then we noticed that every event was running 2 times. At first we thought its programming code but after testing, I moved the new cronjob created on website2 to 5 minutes later. Now the same cronjob is firing at 0 minute and 5 minutes which leads me to believe the original website1 cronjobs were not removed from the system.

    I tried to find them from the obvious places but no luck. Its as if there is a ghost set of cronjob running out of control here.

    Is there any steps I can follow to back trace, when website1 was deleted, cron removed from database, was the actual cronjob removed from linux as well?

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