Possible DNS/Firewall Issue?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by taytertot69, Dec 28, 2020.

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    Good Evening,

    I have just installed and set up ISPConfig3 in a Ubuntu Server 20.04 container in ProxMox. I am running this inside my homeserver which is behind a pfSense firewall and all DNS is handled by Cloudflare.

    I am at a loss configuring my default web server website. We will call it "webhost.domain.tld"

    When I create a new Site for "webhost.domain.tld" I can access it locally by going to ISPConfig3 local address, but I cannot access it via "webhost.domain.tld". I have all DNS pointing at my public IP. Ports 80 & 443 are forwarded properly. However, I am being redirected to my pfSense login which is, as it is supposed to do, denying access by showing an error with a possible DNS_Rebind.

    Not sure where my config is wrong or how I can proceed. I'm at a loss.

    In command line,
    dig webhost.domain.tld
    does return my public IP address as well as a plethora of DNS Trace results.

    When I have cloudflare proxy disabled I am greeted with the following error when attempting to navigate to "webhost.domain.tld"
    Any help and/or direction is much appreciated. Thank you!

    EDIT: Now I am not even seeing the default ISPConfig website. I am greeted with the Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page.... *insert visible frustration here*
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    UPDATE: I had an errant Firewall rule in pfSense that was routing all 80/443 requests to the wrong local IP. Literally spent a few hours perusing forums and digging around in ISPConfig and completely overlooked vetting my Router/Firewall setup.

    Reminds me of an old saying....

    Have a happy new year, everyone!
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