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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by JoeEarly, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I am stuck! And I mean stuck! Since there isn't really a guide on configuring DKIM and Postfix on Mac itself, (at least not that I have found) I have been following various other guides to setup DKIM signing on a Postfix installation.

    So here is a summary of the installed packages:
    Postfix - Vr: 2.5.14 - < postconf terminal printout
    amavisd-new - Vr 2.6.4 (Installed to /user/bin/amavisd) < amavisd-new conf

    I have 2 issues:
    1. When I run the amavisd, it always trys to run as EUI-501 which is the current logged in user. How do I set this as a service to run when Postfix is running under its assign username of "_amavisd" (I current get around this by issuing the following command: sudo -u _amavisd amavisd start)
    2. When I attempt to generate a new DKIM key using the command: sudo amavisd genrsa /Library/Server/Mail/Config/amavisd/dkim_key
    I get the following reply in the terminal: genrsa: Can't create file "/Library/Server/Mail/Config/amavisd/dkim_key": 2
    Any help would be great folks, am mostly a Windows man, only get into this Apple stuff with a new role.

    We will move to newer linux distros with a refresh of the system, but I have a need to maintain the current systems.

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