Postfix/Dovecot emails went to spam of Gmail/Outlook/yahoo

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Solairaj, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Dear Team/Till,
    We have configured our vps for email service,We have a fresh virgin IP with PTR configured by our ISP,Domain purchased from Godaddy configured custom nameservers with for forward zones,all records(dkim,dmarc,spf & spamassassin) set well and our ip is not blacklisted in any of spamhaus sites,our email server is not an open relay and we received a score of 10/10,but our emails goes to spam of gmail on frequent sending our new email moves to inbox,please find the records for reference,is there any thing other than this to configure in the mail system,as from our knowledge we have completed all necessary records for a valid email system,if needed will show gmail,out look logs as well :)



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    I guess it is really unlikely that you get a virgin IP today, almost all IP's have been used before, so there is a good chance that your IP has a spam history and it will take time to get a better IP ranking. Beside that it might be that you are in the same subnet with a spam sender so your IP get affected negatively by bad neighborhood.

    For Hotmail there is a form on the Microsoft support pages somewhere where you can try to get a whitelisting and there is some kind of monitoring system for your domain that you can join at Microsoft.
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    Thank you Florian/Till for the support,as per my domain, my ip is not blacklisted over world and i verified it,mxtool box throws attractive results on my domains like,Domain health,PTR,smtp etc..
    also Please find the attachment of gmail logs as you required

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    Also Till please let me know how to clear the cache history of my ip was in blacklist like you said :)

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