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    we installed ISPconfig 3 to a Multi Wan Router ( 2 Connections ) and we have the following configuration problem with the postfix myhostname.

    On the primary connection we have the ip with rdns with our domain. Meaning that the ip is resolved with the mail.mydomain.mycom ( and of course the dns mail.mydomain.mycom has the ip assigned. ). On the backup connection that ISP doesn't give us rdns so the ip resloves to something like .

    Because the router is configured to act both as a failover and load balance the smtp traffic could come in and get out from both connections. As a result we have a problem which is that we don't know how to configure the myhostname in the postfix conf file. If we change it to mail.mydomain.mycom and mail traffic goes out or get in from the backup connection any server that has fcrdns check enabled rejects our server and vice versa.

    Any hint ?

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