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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Nebhead, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Nebhead

    Nebhead New Member

    Hi all,
    I tried installing a third party security certificate using the guide at

    I am now experiencing issues with my email. I can connect to the mailbox via IMAP using TLS (port 143), but when I try and send email I get the following error (from Outlook) when using TLS:
    * On port 465 - "The connection to the server was interrupted"
    * On port 25 - "Establishing an encrypted connection to your outgoing (SMTP) server failed"

    I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to resolve this as my postfix conf appears okay:


    Any and all help much appreciated.

  2. Nebhead

    Nebhead New Member

    ... anyone? :(
  3. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    what does server log say?
    Also, I use LetsEncrypt certs for dovecot and postfix and wrote a little script to auto-renew those certs.

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