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  1. mphayesuk

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    Ok what I have is 3 local network printers and my server that is on a public lan. So I have a public modem/router which my servers plug into and then another router that protects my private lan which has all my printers on plus my workstations, is there any way using the current setup I could print from my server to one of those printers..... OR is it much easier to just put one of those printers onto the server..... but I really dont want to do it that way.

  2. cjcox

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    Port forward or setup a proxy forward to the printer on the server.
  3. sbovisjb1

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    I always found it easier to hook up samba with a remote connection.... but that isnt safe, unless it is in a secure setting (ie a private network), you can do that hooking up of the router with samba enabled (port forwards) and you are golden.

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