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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Mahir, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Mahir

    Mahir New Member

    Hi i have another problem i installed ISPConfig on a fresh installation with https on fedora core 4 with teh guide of this website, but when i connect to i can't connect but when i reinstall ispconfig without https and i go to i can connect what could be the problem of this?
  2. IntnsRed

    IntnsRed Member

    I don't think (famous last words :eek: ) that ISPConfig allows the selection of both http and https. The setup asks you to choose either/or.

    If you think about it, running ISPConfig adds some overhead. You're running another full copy of Apache on port 81. If you were to do both http and https on that port, that would only increase the overhead.
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  3. Mahir

    Mahir New Member

    no i run only ispconfig like teh howto i did uninstall and did now choose without https and now it is running but if i do now uninstalla and reinstall and choose https i get error when i go to i dont see any site then :S
  4. IntnsRed

    IntnsRed Member

    Now, that's strange, isn't it?

    My thought would be that the service wasn't fully uninstalled. The good news is that since you haven't configured anything, you'll only need to wait through the recompile time.

    But what I would do is to take the "hammer" approach to uninstalling:

    * Stop the service (I think it's "/etc/rc.d/ispconfig_server stop" in FC)

    * Run the /root/ispconfig uninstall script again

    * and for good measure, I'd look in /root and in /home (or where ever you put the user/hosts data) and would manually remove any ISPConfig-related subdirectories.

    * To thoroughly make sure you don't have a leftover ISPConfig running, reboot the machine. Yes, it's unneeded, but then you know you have a clean box to reinstall on.
  5. Mahir

    Mahir New Member

    Hi i did everything axactly like u told me this is the result:

    it doesnt work i really don't understand what is wrong i did the same installation in my virtual machine and noproblems at al kinda weird.
  6. Mahir

    Mahir New Member

    It is kinda strange when i go to my server with SSH and run LINKS and browse to i get the control panel but from my home not but when i go to then i see a certificate so that means https is working :S
  7. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff and are totally independent from each other because it's the ISPConfig Apache that's serving pages on port 81, not your main Apache.

    Maybe you have to re-create the SSL certificates for ISPConfig. This is described in this thread:
  8. Mahir

    Mahir New Member

    wel it is working now finnaly :))

    it seems with the installation when it was generating certificates it asked information i filled some wrong in it asked FQDN and did wrong now i did my correct domain name and it is running :)

    so thank u all

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