Problem with IP addresses and DNS

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tonytroy, May 28, 2014.

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    Since i launched a dumb remote, i had to install a fresh debian wheezy and ISP Config 3.

    I can access ISP Config but when I add an IP address and wait for 1 minute, I'm not able to ping it, I even don't see it appears in /etc/network/interfaces.

    I also tried to add DNS records (for my websites), but it's not working too. The record is created, but I can't join the website by it's URL. When I try a dig on the domain name, in question section I have this :

    domain.tld IN A

    When I ping domain.tld, the server tells me :

    ping: unknown host domain.tld

    I have to precise that I've just followed the perfect server tutorial.

    Can someone help me find what I did wrong ?


  2. srijan

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    Put the entries of IP with the domain name in /etc/hosts. If you are not abke to ping then how you could dig it. So it must be pinging from the server so do the entries in /etc/hosts.
  3. tonytroy

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    Thx srijan :)

    I thougt ISP Config was supposed to do that for me while I added new IP addresses on the interface.

    So I did add a new IP address in /etc/network/interfaces and restarted the network, I can now ping the IP address and join it from the web. But what I find is the Apache page "It works" instead of the ISP Config page.

    So I think my problem comes from Bind...

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