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    I've come back from a holiday to find out that whilst I was away, a couple of servers have had their server_id's changed in the master ispconfig database, this is a multi-server setup, the master server is on 3.1.3, the other servers are on 3.1.2
    there are quite a few servers configured, cp (master server, ispconfig interface), web1 to web5 (shared hosting webservers), db1 (db server for shared hosting), vps1 to vps5 (customer specific web + db ), dns 1 + 2 ( dns servers, dns2 is a mirror of dns1) and smtp (mailserver)

    up until the 6th july, web1 had the server id 6, web2 had the server id 9. at some point on the 6th july those server id's got swapped over.

    my colleagues insist they didn't change anything in the control panel, and didn't go into MySQL directly. (although apparently they had problems with ftp on this day which they had trouble fixing. and I don't know exactly what has been done on the system since then.

    firstly. how could this have happened? I don't see any way of doing this from the control panel, only directly in MySQL. could it be a bug?
    has anyone else ever seen anything like this?

    secondly, what's the best method to fix this?
    I have full daily backups of all the databases. so I can restore the db from before the switchover, first i'd need to compare it to the current live db and compile a list of all the changes since then, and once restored, I would have to manually re-apply all the changes.
    this would apparently include new letsencrypt enablements, new subdomains (vhosts) etc, ftp accounts ( I guess I would need to create new ones and then go into MySQL and update the fields with the current encrypted details, or email each affected client, telling them the new password / telling them to reset the password again)
    or can I just change the server id's back in the master db and just resync everything again? would I need to resync everything? or just certain services (web/ftp/other?). I guess I would still need to check every change in the db since the 6th, and double check they all reference the correct server id.


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