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  1. guidovanh

    guidovanh Member

    I have 4 domains, the data is stored in /var/www/virtual/domain1, /var/www/virtual/domain2, etc.
    When I enter ftp://ftp.domain1.tld in my FTP client, I want to go to /var/www/virtual/domain1.
    How do I have to configure proftpd.conf?
  2. gabriele

    gabriele New Member

    What linux do you have ?What proftpd ?
  3. guidovanh

    guidovanh Member

    On this machine I am using ClarkConnect (a Redhat distro, i mean).
    It is a predefined distro with proftpd. Can you tell me how I can find which proftpd?
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Create a user1 with /var/www/virtual/domain1 as homedir and a user2 with /var/www/virtual/domain2 as homedir. In your /etc/proftpd.conf you should have the line
    DefaultRoot ~
    Now when you login with user1, he should be chrooted to /var/www/virtual/domain1. The same goes for user2 and /var/www/virtual/domain2 and so on.

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