Pure-FTPD does not support TLS Session resumption

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tijn, Oct 20, 2023.

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    Are you aware that this site has more than 100k authors .... and everyone here in the forum might post his ideas and findings, this neither means that if someone posted something about proftpd that it works nor that it is recommended to do it and I'm sure that neither I nor any ISPConfig developer recommended to replace pure-ftpd by proftpd in ISPConfig 3. Plus, it might be that you just mix up ISPConfig 2 and 3, ISPConfig 2 and 3 have nothing in common in regard to system architecture or source code.

    I'm also not sure that, as you claim, this new pure-ftpd version will fix that incompatibility between this one FTP client and pure-ftpd. So you can also just contact the FileZilla devs and ask them to make their client work like any other FTP client that has no issues with pure-ftpd. In fact, the most likely fix for our issue is to ty to install an older pure-ftpd version, possibly via apt-pinning, and not a newer one.
  2. I said I found an old post... I said it was old and flawed... Not integrated with ISPConfig code...
    I asked is there any chance of a tutorial? I did not ask to rewrite your code.
    @ahrasis was snarky in his comment to me and I feel that this comment here was not sincere, but also a snarky comment.
    Here's my snarky comment to the both of you.
    Wouldn't this forum be great if the community would keep quiet and don't ask questions?
  3. https://www.howtoforge.com/ispconfig-3-proftpd-for-debian
    I didn't say it WOULD fix the problem. I said the updated server software claims it would fix the problem.
    Clearly @till, you are exhausted with dealing with us plebs. Most CEOs don't get on their own forums, and talk to the public like you do. I realize that this thread is kind of long and you most likely read 100s of posts a day. So it would be hard to move up and down a thread like this one and call out a stupid MF'er like me.

    I'm not wrong. I only ask the community for help with my problem. I didn't ask you do anything, really. I did kind of in jest, ask if there was a chance of a tutorial, but honestly, if you go back and read it, IT WAS MOSTLY IN JEST.
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    I see that you are barking at the wrong tree all the time. This issue is not directly ISPConfig related. It's an issue between FileZilla and pure-ftpd, while FileZilla is the only client with such a problem with pure-ftpd. So the logical step for you to solve this would be to contact pure-ftpd dev (and if you can't reach him, try contacting the Debian package maintainer as the issue occurs in Debian 12 and latest Ubuntu only) and also contact the FileZilla devs and report the issue there and explain to them that their FTP client is the only one that has issues with pure-ftpd on Debian 12 and Ubuntu 22.04. This issue must be either solved by pure-ftpd or by FileZilla. It can not be solved by ISPConfig, except that we could either drop FTP support completely and support SFTP only or change ISPConfig to use a different FTP server. But pure-ftpd has a way better security track record than proftpd and that's why we have chosen it.

    And if I were snarky as you claim, and would want to keep you quite here in the forum, I would just have banned your account.
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  5. I'm not really barking at the wrong tree. You offer a public forum and I came here to ask for help. I already, long ago acknowledged that this was not an ISPConfig issue. I did join FileZilla forum, I don't believe Pure-FTPd has a forum. I found what claims to be the fix. I asked in this public forum for some guidance. I actually received useful guidance from @Taleman and I thanked him for his advice. @Taleman suggested that I report a bug on Debian's site, which I plan to do. I don' t want @till or ISPConfig to do anything. All I wanted to do is use the public forum that you provided to ask for some help with my problem. https://forum.howtoforge.com is a public forum, for public discussion, and I appreciate that you provide such a place. I sincerely just want an error message to stop popping up, and I don't want to tell people just just use different software on their computer, if possible.

    The things that you are saying about me are not accurate, and mean spirited.

    Although, ISPConfig is not the actual cause of the problem here, I believe this is a good forum to come and ask for assistance, since for me, and many others, ISPConfig is where this software bug is showing up. I have gone to the other forums too, even though this is the only one I've become active in recently. But since ISPConfig is deeply integrated with the software that has been chosen, I am stuck with pure-ftpd. @Taleman gave me good advice, and as far as I am concerned, I am finished with my quest. I will do what @Taleman suggested and if that doesn't work, I'm done.

    No, I don't want you do drop FTP support. I can solve this problem myself. I already told you a few days ago, that I have tried other web hosting software and clearly to me anyway, ISPConfig is the best on the market. I have financially supported your product too, by purchasing add-ons. I really like the software. I only wanted help.

    If what @Taleman suggested to me to create a debian package, and if upgrading Pure-FTPd from 1.0.50 to 1.0.51 actually solves the problem, be sure I will come back here and offer my finding to the community. If it doesn't fix the problem, then I will also most likely come back and admit defeat. Not that you defeated me, but that the problem has defeated me.

    Anyway, Thanks, I'm done with this.
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    I did not say anything about you in my posts.

    I suggested various solutions and strategies to resolve the issue, like contacting the developers in charge of the two partially incompatible software projects or the Debian maintainer. I also explained what I wouldn't do, like exchanging the FTP server with a different software.

    So the right procedure would be to contact the Debian package maintainer of the pure-ftpd package:


    You can find his email address on the right side of that page behind the maintainer link, write him a nice email and ask him with reference to that bug if it would be possible to release the new pure-ftpd version as Debian package.
  7. Thanks, I'll do that today. Right now actually.
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  8. Update.
    I messaged the maintainer of the Debian package for pure-ftpd. Of course, I didn't receive any feedback, nor did I expect to. One thing I know about Debian, is that they are not the cutting edge for software version upgrades. They are more worried about OS stability overall, and possibly like @till, they're not too concerned about that specific glitch. I guess they will get to it when they get to it. Not saying that @till is wrong, either. The problem is with the 3rd party software versions and even Debian, not ISPConfig, since ISPConfig uses APT to install whatever version that Debian provides.

    It was also suggested that I maybe learn how to create Debian packages. I did learn how to do it, basically anyway. It seems to me that just because you can create a .deb file, that may even install and work, in general. The .deb file that I created is not the same .deb file that Debian will eventually create. Their .deb file will integrate into their OS in a way that I will not be able to produce, at least not at my current skill level.

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