pure-ftpd-mysql Connection error, but pw accepted

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bolek2000, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. bolek2000

    bolek2000 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm going crazy :confused: , while trying to get ftp working. The story is:

    I'm running ISPConfig 3 on an Ubuntu 8.04 vServer (the provider uses XEN) and I rebuilt the pure-ftpd packages --without-capabilities as mentioned in the forums.
    Then I installed ISPC 3, created client, site and ftp user. The result was, that Filezilla FTP Client shows this in debug mode:

    Antwort: 220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------
    Antwort: 220-You are user number 1 of 50 allowed.
    Antwort: 220-Local time is now 11:18. Server port: 21.
    Antwort: 220-This is a private system - No anonymous login
    Antwort: 220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.
    Trace: CFtpControlSocket::SendNextCommand()
    Befehl: USER bolek2000_ftp
    Trace: CFtpControlSocket::OnReceive()
    Antwort: 331 User bolek2000_ftp OK. Password required
    Trace: CFtpControlSocket::SendNextCommand()
    Befehl: PASS ***********
    Trace: CRealControlSocket::OnClose()
    Trace: CFtpControlSocket::ResetOperation(66)
    Trace: CControlSocket::ResetOperation(66)

    As you can see, there's no Authentication failed, but the Connection is reset. I tried passive mode, with(out) SSL an so on.
    I turned off iptables firewalls on server and client.
    Then I uninstalled the pure-ftpd-mysql package and installed pure-ftpd, set up pureDB and got it working perfectly with/out TLS.
    Then I switched back to mysql auth and still the same problem.
    I turned on VerboseLogging in pure-ftpd and in my.cnf. The queries are running against the Db-Server. The syslog shows:
    Oct 8 13:42:12 h1486047 pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [INFO] New connection from
    Oct 8 13:42:12 h1486047 pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [DEBUG] Command [user] [bolek2000_ftp]
    Oct 8 13:42:12 h1486047 pure-ftpd: ([email protected]) [DEBUG] Command [pass] [<*>]

    I also tried to switch off different options in /etc/pure-ftpd/conf (DontResolve, ChrootEveryone
    After reading really a lot of threads I have no idea anymore, do you have one ? Is it possible that it is an vServer issue ?

  2. bolek2000

    bolek2000 New Member

    Solved: Connection error, but pw accepted

    Now I found the solution.
    On my system /etc/init.d/pure-ftpd-mysql always started with the pure-ftpd-mysql-virtualchroot binary, what I never doubted to be wrong, because it was like this from the beginning and it made sense to me !?
    Now I edited /etc/default/pure-ftpd-common and changed VIRTUALCHROOT=no

    Now the daemon starts like this and everything seems to work now:

    /usr/sbin/pure-ftpd-mysql -l mysql:/etc/pure-ftpd/db/mysql.conf -O clf:/var/log/pure-ftpd/transfer.log -Y 2 -E -H -A -4 -u 1000 -d -B

    Seems the virtualchroot binary doens'nt work on my system, conflicts with something or it is a feature. Any Comments, otherwise good night :)
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Thats strange, I've not seen this before. But good to know that this is a possible reason for login errors.

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