Pydio -- ICPConfig for all Sites/Clients

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    I'm trying to find any documentation which can help me to install Pydio for all clients/websites just like roundcube/horde installations work for all clients/sites.

    above given guide for pydio is for very old version of the pydio and 2ndly, it works for only 1 single client/website ( as far as I can understand )

    Is there any way that we can install pydio once and enable it in Apache2 configs like /webftp and all clients start using it .

  2. nhybgtvfr

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    you can try this:

    they also have tutorials for 8.0.1 and 7.0.4

    i've tried the one for 8.0.1 and had problems. it installed ok, but i was able to login multiple times (into different accounts) from my own computer and was able to see files from the other users i logged in as. it could just be the the browser.
    not tried the 8.2.0 one yet. due to the issues i had, i'd suggest creating a test setup and trying it out there first. definitely wouldn't put it straight onto a production server.

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