Questions about ISPCFG3 + Debian 8 + multiple PHP versions

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    I'm using this tut as a base:

    additionally I need PHP 5.5 of which I found 5.5.38 to be the latest. I then followed this tutorial to add it as fastcgi and FPM: but that tutorial is for Debian 7 and PHP 5.3 so I have some doubts about its accuracy.
    Later on I found this tutorial: but it deals with PHP 5.6 and Ubuntu.

    My questions are as follows:
    • - I compiled PHP 5.5 wit hthe instructions for 5.3 any problems with this?
    • - I also noticed that PHP 5.5 should come with OPCache, can I just add "--enable-opcache" to the instructions for PHP 5.3 and that's it?
    • - I also noticed when switching a site in ISPCFG3 from fastcgi to my manually compiled PHP 5.5 as FPM there's a problem until I manually start it with /etc/init.d/php-5.5.38-fpm start and I see the 2 tuts above have different approaches one using a init script one a service file, can someone clarify what the correct approach is using the linked perfect server tutorial above?
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    That should work.


    When your server uses systemd, then better create systemd unit files for the php versions and not init scripts. That should prevent that problem.
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  4. till

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    That setup should use systemd. you can e.g. test it by restarting a service with the systemctl command, if it exist and works, then your server uses systemd.
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    sorry, my mistake, missed a line in a config file, please ignore
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