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Discussion in 'General' started by dmgeurts, Sep 27, 2020.

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    Just responded to a website that exceeded its quota and noticed the usr folder in the site's web folder takes up 265MB. Mostly shared between lib and share. This appears to be added to the quota assigned to the site. However, I think these are generic files and folder over which the client has no control. Would it not be better to exclude this from quota calculations or am I missing something obvious?

    Alternatively, I'll have to add about 300MB to some site quota configs to counter this.
    # du -hd1 ../usr/
    24K     ../usr/sbin
    55M     ../usr/lib
    13M     ../usr/bin
    197M    ../usr/share
    265M    ../usr/
    # du -hd1 ../usr/share/
    32M     ../usr/share/vim
    138M    ../usr/share/php
    6.9M    ../usr/share/terminfo
    21M     ../usr/share/perl
    197M    ../usr/share/
  2. till

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    The files in these folders are part of the jail and owned by the root user and therefore they do not count to the website quota. So these folders are not the reason or your overquota problem.
  3. dmgeurts

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    That's exactly what I thought, but then the below doesn't tally with ISPconfig which shows current usage at 1.12GB...
    # du -hd1 ..
    8.0K    ../home
    3.1M    ../tmp
    6.8M    ../lib
    36K     ../ssl
    4.7M    ../bin
    265M    ../usr
    5.3M    ../private
    4.0K    ../cgi-bin
    4.0K    ../webdav
    16K     ../run
    28K     ../var
    4.0K    ../backup
    931M    ../web
    4.0K    ../dev
    84K     ../etc
    172K    ../log
    4.0K    ../lib64
    4.0K    ../.ssh
    1.2G    .
  4. till

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    You can't measure this with the du command in that way. Linux system quota is user-based. You did not measure space by user, you measured space by directory. But what's in which directory does not matter for the quota.

    To check quota, use the command:

    repquota -avu

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