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    I now have 2 VPS's, both running ISPconfig 3, on different VPS providers (Afterburst Germany and VMBox Netherland). I'm testing both providers and I was wondering how much RAM does the clean installation on ISPconfig take.

    The one at VMBox has:
    • no VSwap
    • ISPconfig installed on top of Debian 7
    • takes 440 MB of RAM running only ISPconfig (just installed it)
    while the one at Afterburst has:
    • two websites (one based on OxWall and other is ownCloud)
    • ISPconfig installed on top of centOS 6
    • has 64 MB of VSwap (it has used all of the 64 MB of VSwap RAM)
    • takes 525 MB of RAM.
    I'm thinking 440 MB of RAM on clean install is way too much. Is it because it is based on Debian or the provider just sucks? BTW, I installed on Debian because I see that Debian is the OS of choice for ISPconfig.
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    ISPConfig is not using the 440MB RAM, thats all used by the different software packages of your system like webserver, mailserver, dbserver, dns, etc. I guess you mix up the ram usage of a server that runs just apache or nginx with a full hosting system that provides fifferent services for email, ftp, http, dns and spam and antivirus filters because 440MB is not much for a full fledged hostng system.

    Run top or "ps -aux" if you want to see which services uses how much ram.

    ISPConfig is basically website, so it dont use any of your ram when you are not currently accessing it and the ispconfig cronjob just runs once a minute for a a second or few seconds.

    The RAM recommendations for a full ISP setup with web, mail, spamfilter, antivirus, mysql, ftp and dns (with or without ispconfig as this dont matter for the ram consumption) is 750 MB. If you want to have a setup thats fast (e.g. because mysql needs ram to store tables in memory) then better use 2GB or more.
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    Of course I understand that it is not ISPconfig alone using up all that RAM and of course I realize that ISPconfig just manages the underlying system.
    I was just wondering how much RAM usage is considered "normal" after full installation of the Perfect Server on those platforms (CeontOS 6 and Debian 7) - both running nginx.
    I am not saying that ISPconfig uses too much RAM - I'm trying to determine is there a difference between OS's and (more important) VPS providers that I use - given the RAM usage above/bellow.
    I read the RAM usage above (and bellow, in screenshots) in SolusVM control panels where I manage my VPS's / not within ISPconfig.
    CeontOS 6, based in Germany
    • 4 web sites (4 MySQL db's, 4 FTP accounts, 4 e-mail domains, 4 e-mail accounts, 4 DNS yones)
      • 1 OxWall based
      • 1 ownCloud
      • 1 Pligg based
      • 1 my own CMS
    Debian 7, based in Netherlands
    • 1 web site (1 MySQL db, 1 FTP account, 1 e-mail domain, 1 e-mail account, 1 DNS zone)
      • 1 WordPress based
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    Maybe you have on on server much more mysql-connections enabled. You can check this in mysql (or phpmyadmin) with show variables like "max_connections"; It´s also possible, that your web-server runs on one server with more processes.

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