Really Basic Question !!!

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by brainz, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. brainz

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    Hi Guys.

    Im trying to set the whole thing up again....

    and i had a basic question really basic almost stupid question...

    at the end of the installation it asks

    is this the internal network server ip address ie or is this the network gateway address ie ???

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  2. brainz

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  3. brainz

    brainz Member

    Still a little bit confused !!!!!

    Hello all

    During install this question here...

    Does this have to be the default gateway address eg.

    or the server intenral ip address eg.

    or does this have to be the server external or domain ip address eg. <--- ????

    and if it is the last one how do i change it because for this question in the installation i went with the server internal ip address eg.

    help please !!!

  4. falko

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    The server's IP address ( is correct! :) Always use the IP address you see when you run
    on the shell.
  5. brainz

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    falko once again Thankyou very much....

    You must must a very patient person and get pleasure out fo helping people... :D

    I know the questions come thick and fast but i have a domain and a account for that account that allows me to enter...

    at the moment i got

    im very unsure firstly how to create a mx record for email ???

    also if i have as a A record and i have created...

    Do i need the as a A RR record... As far asi understand i do need it if i am hosting website for

    But with ns1 ans ns2 will or does ispconfig take up these two at the default nameservers ???

    Or maybe i have to tell ispconfig the ns1 and ns2 nameserver address ??

    Another thing is im not entirley clear on how to setup a MX RR record it asks me for....

    Also i wanted to ask withing ispconfig do i have to specify the dns nameservers of the dns provided or do i put in the ns1 and ns2 that i created in the dns providers account.

    Once again thankyou for your help....

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  6. falko

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  7. brainz

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    Hi falko,

    I read through the DNS guide and i thankyou for that....

    What the guide talks about is how to setup your own named.conf which i found very useful thankyou once again....

    But what i dont seem to understand is th relationship between the dns configuration tool that the company i purchased the domain of and how to configure it so that it allows me to have a ns1 and ns2 nameserver on my server and the related mx mail exchange for the domain i purchased.

    I attached below what the configuration tool at the domain provider uses so users can configure all of this...

    Also what i would like to know how does all of this relate to ispconfig....

    Prehaps im maybe asking to much and please forgive my ignorance or prehaps lack o knowledge when it comes to dns servers...

    I read in the guide that usually most people do not have a full understand ing of how dns servers or bind really works...

    All i really have as a goal is to have the domain providers configured right and the configuration of ispconfig right.....

    If you could shed some light in anyway i would be aprechiate this very much... :confused::eek:


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