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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by davyboy, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. davyboy

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    I try to make it short (really I try):

    I aleady have a dedicated Debian Rootserver, without ISPConfig, just a "nearly naked" Apache+Sendmail Box.

    Now it is becoming to small and I would like to "step up" to a dedicated Rootserver with ISPConfig installed. My experience, like said, is only with Debian so far and even there not toooo much - just enough to run it, no expert here at all.

    And that's where you guys come in as experienced tech-people -> I need your help, please:

    What exactly would you recommend for a completely new dedicated box?

    (external administration via ssh-putty -> btw, how do you copy&paste in putty, doesn't work here - have to type everything in manually - what am I doing wrong? :-( )

    (1) What kind of Linux?

    (2) What Version of ISPConfig - Stable or Beta?

    The Server will be a middle-to-low-class one (2.4Ghz Celeron w. 512MB Ram I guess - not expensive + I don't need to do tooo much fancy stuff at all).

    I certainly hope you can help me out with this - I took Debian 4 years ago (that's how long my old box is already running!), because installing is quite automatic for most stuff - not that there are never problems though... Point is, I'm open for suggestions - very open in fact, thanks!

    Oh something else:

    (3) Do Stable and Beta of ISPConfig have the ability to setup DKIM + Domainkeys easily? (SPF is only a DNS entry, so that's not the problem, but DKIM + Domainkeys are kind of complicated and I would love to have them implemented automatically ;) )

    (4) How long will it take to do a complete fresh remote installation you think?

    Heaps of thanks in advance - hopefully we get this all managed perfectly & easy ;) ciao!
  2. gdaddy

    gdaddy New Member

    Cut and paste in Putty

    Um to cut from Putty, just highlight the text. Done
    To paste in Putty, Right click, Done.

    You can do multiple commands at a time.

    I have a similar box to what you are looking at - Running Ubuntu - which is Debian based, works great. Setup, from fresh to ISP config installed and first site up and running with Joomla - 1st attempt took 5 hours, got some bits wrong. Started from scratch took 90 minutes - used latest stable.

    Then to secure everything, deploy firewalls, Intursion detection, Rootkit detectors, vulnerability tools and configure and tune those another day. Probably included the network configuration too.

    Securing PHP, apache, Joomla, SSH, directory permissions and ownerships, making all .htaccess into standard directives and other performance tuning maybe another 4 hours, although couldn't have done any of this without great help from these and other forums.

    My Linux experience - fairly limited, but a good grounding in security and networking.

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