Recovering a server. (Ubuntu)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by eldaria, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. eldaria

    eldaria New Member

    I have been running my server with the ISPConfig perfect setup for Ubuntu 6.06 64bit since July.
    And well, I did the fatal mistake of dist-upgrade my server, which resulted in server stopped working, I found out it is related to me running 64bit on Intel and not AMD.

    I gave up trying to fix it and decided to reinstall running 32bit instead, so I followed the Ubuntu 6.10 Perfect setup, and installed latest version of ISPConfig
    I have mysql dumps of my databases, and a backup copy of /var/www and /home
    The server only had 1 site with 4 mail users.

    What is the easiest or quickest aproach to restore the site, mail and user details?

    Should I just import the db_ispconfig sql dump, and then restore the files in /var/www?

    Or is there more to it?
  2. pillul

    pillul New Member

    i had the same Problem yesterday i fixed it that way:

    put your /srv/var/ files where they belong (the files of your homepage).
    And create a databse named ispconfig, in which you dump your backup of the old isp tables.
    Then install ispconfig, and give him this database information. Isp regcognizes that there are webs customers etc and you can use thema as before :cool:.

    Plz keep your backups i can give you no garrantie ;)

    In my Case it worked perfect
  3. eldaria

    eldaria New Member

    Hmm, I already installed Ispconfig.

    Did your method create the nessesary DNS entries, user accounts etc?
  4. pillul

    pillul New Member

    yes because this information is stored in the database !

    in my case isp was installed but i lost the "home" directory, so i uninstalled, kept the database and the files stored in /var/www/webxxx/ and reinstalled.

    I gave the ISP Installer, the existing domain and it runs as before =)
  5. eldaria

    eldaria New Member

    Interesting, the reason I wonder is that I know ISPConfig created entries in /etc/passwd

    But of course I forgot to backup that part before reinstalling. :(

    Did you wipe the drive before installing again? or how did you "Uninstall"?

    I had a complete Wipe, so only thing I still have are the SQL dumps, the Home directory(Not used by ISPConfig) and the /var/www (Containing webs, and user Maildir)
  6. eldaria

    eldaria New Member

    Is there perhaps a developer here who knows how ISP config behaves when importing an existing database into a clean system?

    Does it create all the nessesary directories and entries in files?

  7. pillul

    pillul New Member

    With the installation Package comes an uninstaller, i used this. here you can say keep data.

    How many webs and customer did you have in your ISP ?
  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig does not recreate the items when you import a existing database, but you can manipulate the ISPConfig database to let ISPConfig behave like the webs where newly added and it will make the directories and users for you.

    1) Install the same ISPConfig version then on your old system.
    2) Make a backup of the new database, then replace everything in your new database with the data from your old database exxept of the tables isp_server, doctype and isp_server_ip.
    3) Use e.g. phpmyadmin to set the field "status" to the value "n" (n = new) in the tables:


    4) Change one value in one website, e.g. the quota value in the ISPConfig interface and ISPConfig will start to write all websites and users to disk again.

    The only thing ISPConfig is not able to restore are the passwords for the users as they are not stored in the ISPConfig database, they are only stored in /etc/shadow and if I read the thread correctly you have lost this file?
  9. eldaria

    eldaria New Member

    Yes I don't have the files from /etc anymore.

    I was able to recreate everything by setting up the web with the same settings as it was except the users, after that I restored /var/www.

    Now the website worked, but none of the mail or sql dependant pages.

    So I restored the mysql databases, including the db_ispconfig and mysql database and ISPConfig actually did recreate all users in /etc/passwd but not in /etc/shadow.

    So this is lost and I will have to ask all users so I can set up their passwords again manually.

    For the future, what is a good backup plan for ISPconfig? to be able to recover quickly?
    I'm thinking in the terms of rsync to a second drive or file server.
  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Have a look here:

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