Releasing beta code for selected customers (ZFS to Linux)

Discussion in 'Kernel Questions' started by darshin, Sep 17, 2010.

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    KQ Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a globally focused software development and consulting firm headquartered in Pune, India, with core expertise in the field of systems and storage. Being a pure technology company, KQ believes in applying innovation to evolving technologies, the resultant of which is some highly ground-breaking products like ZFS port to Linux. We are also due in coming up with our products in the field of virtualization.

    KQ’s expertise in kernel programming and deep understanding of file systems has enabled it to take up the task of porting ZFS to Linux for the open source community. After dedicated effort, we have finally reached the beta stage of the port and are now making the much awaited and discussed code available for the selected beta customers. Please log on to the website to apply and register yourself through the beta form in order to get the code for testing. Once you fill the form, one of our representatives will be contacting you to assist you with the proceedings and arrange an interactive one on one demo with our ZFS expert.

    As we are selecting a batch of 25 beta customers from different testing environments, please await your turn. To allow proper support bandwidth for beta customers, we have limited the batch to 25. We would be increasing the bandwidth as and by the beta matures. We are in the process of selecting our first batch of customers, so please register yourself through the form now.

    Thank you all for your continued support and interest.
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    Hi Everyone,
    Many thanks for your contribution, support and patience. We had an overwhelming response to the closed beta for ZFS port on Linux. The reviews of the closed beta have been very promising and a big thank you to all the people / companies who have been involved in testing the closed beta and submitting their feedback and comments.
    We had mentioned earlier that once we have enough reviews about the closed beta, we would be making the ZFS port on Linux beta an open beta for everyone. So here we go folks! THE BETA IS PUBLIC AND OPEN FOR EVERYONE NOW! Please login to and register to download. No more waiting for approvals from our team.
    However, I would like to get a regular feedback from you all, once you start testing the beta. Your feedback and bug reports would be very important as we now inch closer to the GA Release which is scheduled for December. Please feel free to contact me at *[email protected]



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