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    Hi, just starting out using the remote API and whilst some functions work, others dont e.g.

    domains_domain_get() , wants a session_id and a 'primary id' but assuming this is the server id or a domain id or a client id makes no difference I always get no result and no error..

    looking through I see it requires domain.tform.php which holds information about the database query which references dbispconfig.domain table ... which in my dbispconfig database is an empty table ??

    dbispconfig.web_domain has domains in it as does mail_domain but these tables are not referenced in the remote api ? what am I doing wrong ?
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    The functions are all working fine and none of them uses a wrong table. I guess you just mix up the functions and their purpose here. The function domains_domain_get() queries the domain limits table, it is not a function to query e.g. a website or mail domain.

    To get a website, use the web_* functions and for mail use the mail_* functions.

    Regarding primare_id: The primary_id is the primary ID column of a given table in the database. you can pas as $primary_id either the ID (integer) or an array which will then be used to search the value in the table. I explianed that in several threads in the developer forum.
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    thankyou :)
    ...knew I was doing something wrong and somehow totally missed the site_* functions (though I did see the mail_* ones).

    for anyone else ... cos I still did not get the array() thing at first ...
    #gets all data for domain id 1
    #gets all data for all domains
    #gets all data with subdomain www

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