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Discussion in 'General' started by glauberportella, Jul 30, 2014.

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    I am performing various tasks using remote API ISPConfig, but I noticed that seems to be a delay between the call of a function, eg sites_web_vhost_subdomain_add and the creation of the subdomain directories on the server. This actually occurs?

    The problem is, I'm chaining actions to an installer for an app that creates subdomains, create database and then import data into the database and run a clone git directory in the subdomain. This is done by a php script runs on shell which is then used in a cron to automate the process, but the steps to write to the database and / or access the directory created for the subdomain always returns error that the database does not exist or that the directory does not exist, I think the reason would that delay in ISPConfig, you can remove the delay, decrease it or perform some function in ISPConfig to immediately provide resources created?

    My ISPConfig version is ISPConfig
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    The api updates the ispconfig-database and the changes become active when the server-script was started (usually done by cron every minute).

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