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    Via the remote API; I've got client account creation nailed with assignment to a reseller account. What I would like to do now is ensure that "Sites", "Home/Dashboard", and "Help" groups are available and *no others* for the clients I create.

    Is this possible? I'm climbing through the remote api and trying to figure out how I can manipulate the System->CP Users->Groups section to turn off "DNS", "Monitor", "Tools", etc. but to no avail.

    Any hints or clues would be greatly appreciated!

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    Nevermind! I figured it out :), params for the remote API
    "client_update" includes two undocumented items;
    "modules" and "startmodule". The former can be a comma delimited list i.e. 'dashboard,admin,mail,sites,monitor,client,dns,help' and the latter is usually 'dashboard'. I was able to set the values to 'dashboard,sites'. However, setting both to just 'sites' causes a perpetual loop that hammers the server. I think that's a bug. Never-the-less, it works for what I need. Please mark this thread as "solved".
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