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    Hi everybody,

    I have a troubling harddisk quota issue since I added a second server to my ISPConfig installation. I would guess it's related but it could be a coincidence...

    Here is the issue I have:

    $ repquota -avug
                            Block limits                File limits
    User            used    soft    hard  grace    used  soft  hard  grace
    web3      --   29004  262144  263168           4380     0     0
    web27     --       0  524288  525312              0     0     0
    web29     --       0  524288  525312              0     0     0
                            Block limits                File limits
    Group           used    soft    hard  grace    used  soft  hard  grace
    client1   -- 15513892       0       0          50605     0     0
    client3   --    2948       0       0            581     0     0
    I trimmed the output to show only a couple of examples - Websites created prior to the addition of a second server are OK, and the proper info is displayed on ISPConfig. New websites have no single files count nor used quota being displayed (showing as "unlimited" for the limit).

    I checked previous posts on the forum about similar issues, but I couldn't find the exact same problem as it used to work on my server, not anymore however.
    On a side note, the new server I added (full webserver) reports the used quota/files count just fine and I can see the information displayed properly in ISPConfig.

    Any thoughts on how to correct this on the original server? Thanks a lot!

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